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Here at CRB we offer training by some of the most talented players in the world. Underneath you will find the available coaches. They provide profiles on what to expect from them and their coaching lessons. If you’d like to purchase a lesson, you need to head over to their profile page and select how many hours you’d like with that specific coach. At the bottom of the page you can find out more about CSGO coaching.

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The different types of Coaching lessons.

Improvement is guaranteed with CSGO-RankBoost.com Coaching services.

Solo Lesson

* Purchasing a solo lesson is a lesson. This is a lesson tailored specifically for you, you can request your coach to give you a lesson in a specific way, and we will do our best to cater for your needs.
* Customizable lessons. You can ask to be taught in a specific manner and we’ll do our best to make you happy. We will teach you how to become as effective in each role or map you desire.
* Languages. We provide coaches in a variety of languages so you can learn in your home tongue.
* Flexibility. You can select what times you are available and we’ll match it for you!
* See yourself improve.  With the wealth of knowledge available from the coaches you should notice yourself improving steadily after each lesson, game knowledge is a huge factor in any game, and with CSGO coaching you’ll see a great increase of your knowledge.

Team/Group Lesson
* Get lessons with your friends. With this style of lesson you and your friends/teammates can ask all the questions you need, these types of lessons generally cover the more general and teamwork related aspects of the game, different strategies and how to make effective calls.
* Grow as a group. Lessons with your friends will also help you climb ranks effectively as it puts less pressure on you to perform individually. You may not be having the best day, but if you and your friends have improved, they’ll be able to help carry you through the game!

Game knowledge and CSGO Coaching
Purchasing CS:GO lessons is an effective tool to help you improve in all aspects of the game. We can go over things such as your in game settings, helping you have a more efficient mouse sensitivity, learn tons of strategies from the basics to peak spots to grenade tactics. We cover all bases in the lessons and if there is something specific you’d like to learn, we can cater for that too! Any player has the potential to become Global Elite. Through our specific training methods, CSGO coaching will make you become a more well-rounded player. We will go over your strengths and weaknesses and fill in the areas where you most need it.