CSGO Vods - Learn by watching the pro's!

VODS are currently being created and you will see them here once they have been edited and our Global Elite boosters have added instructional voice over to their gameplay.

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Information about VODS

Videos on Demand is more commonly known as Vods and are a service we have tried and tested in the field for many years. We have had great success with our League of Legends and Overwatch vods, and have decided to expand and offer this service to our CSGO clients as well. Vods have proven to be great tools for those wishing to improve and reach a higher rank, regardless of their experience and skill. Our CSGO vods are customized for different scenarious and skill levels, you only need to read the information provided the vod before your purchase to make sure it is a vod that will suit you. We can cram a lot of information into a CSGO VOD and they are always editable.

Here at CS:GO RankBoost we provide top quality CSGO Vods for you to enjoy. These will entail a specific lesson that you can review at any time as many times as you’d like! We will provide updates on the CSGO vods on request, so if you have further questions after you have viewed the VOD, you can contact us and we will get the vod creator to add a written section to your vod to explain what you did not understnad. We will also take any feedback feedback and use it to improve and update our CSGO vods. We here at CRB will always do our best to make sure you are provided with the best possible service and given the information, help and support to achieve your full potential. 

CSGO Vods are the next wave of learning, it's a very comfortable and easy experience where you can come back at any time and pick up the tips and tricks you learned by watching. It will always be sitting at your CRB dashboard, and any updates in the video or text is automatically patched into your vod so you will alwasy see the newest version. It is also very easy to just make a timestamp to something you find valuable so you can instantly return to that part of the CSGO vod when you want to rewatch it.